Thursday, October 13, 2011

A True Calvinist

A selection from a letter by Rev. Henry Venn to a pastor friend, Rev. James Stillingfleet. Mr. Venn spoke of John Berridge preaching at his church. Berridge was the vicar of Everton and was a much beloved preacher of the gospel. Spurgeon wrote a chapter about him in a book entitled, Eccentric Preachers. Venn commented on Berridge's Calvinism. Would that there were more Calvinist like him! The letter was written November 22, 1771.

Last Wednesday, Mr. Berridge was here, and gave us a most excellent sermon. He is a blessed man—a true Calvinist; not hot in doctrine, nor wise above what is written, but practical and experimental.

Letters of Henry Venn, by John Venn, first published in 1835, republished by the Banner of Truth, 1993, p. 189 (photo of John Berridge).