Friday, February 1, 2008

Disgraceful Unbelief

From a letter by Martin Luther to his wife, Katie, July 2, 1540, writing about the recovery of Philip Melanchthon from a severe illness.

… Master Philip truly had been dead, and really, like Lazarus, has risen from death. God, the dear father, listens to our prayers. This we [can] see and touch [with our hands], yet we still do not believe it. No one should say Amen to such disgraceful unbelief of ours.

Luther's Works, Letters III, Vol. 50, edited by J. J. Pelikan, H. C. Oswald and H. T. Lehmann, Fortress Press, letter # 290.


Abigail said...

A dear man in our Church encountered some health problems in the past couple of years. He is a trustee, very humble who serves the Lord with gladness every day of his retired life, being about 62 years of age. If anything needs attention at the little Church building, Kenny is there to take care of it. Quietly, faithfully and steadily. Ken had open heart surgery two years ago and nearly died. . .he has only one lung and he was very ill. The Church prayed in one accord for his recovery. Then it was discovered Ken had an aneurysm, a large one in his stomach. He is small of stature but mighty in Spirit! The deficiency was large and no doctor could be found who attempt such a dangerous surgery. If the vein burst, it would mean instant death without any hope of intervention. Again, our Church prayed in one accord for a resolve. This man and his wife (also a godly and loving woman who serves God's people faithfully)were referred to a doctor in Cleveland, OH who was a specialist in this procedure and he ordered a stent custom made for this man from Australia and put him on a waiting list for the surgery. God led all the way and strengthened the couple through our prayers during the long trial. Finally, the day arrived when he was to travel to Cleveland to receive his new stent and undergo the surgery. AND ALL THE SAINTS PRAYED IN ONE ACCORD FOR THE DOCTORS AND THOSE WHO WOULD ATTEND HIM AND FOR GOD'S GOOD HAND TO BE UPON KEN AND HIS FAMILY DURING THIS TIME. Two weeks ago, they travelled to Cleveland and the stent was skillfully inserted in the 6 mm. bulge. Ken was only in CCU for two days on a ventilator and has returned to his home yesterday. Humanly speaking, Kenny shouldn't be here, much less survived the procedure, the infraction was so large. BUT GOD in His great mercy, heard and saw, and answered the prevailing prayers of the saints praying in one accord and spared his life for now and God is glorified through this man's testimony of the grace of God in a near-death situation! The God who CALLS us also SUSTAINS and KEEPS us for His own purposes. . .blessed be the name of the Lord!

Dean Olive said...

Thanks for this wonderful testimony. God is more ready to hear and answer our prayers than we are many times to believe He can or will!