Friday, May 23, 2008

My Heart Is With The Work At Home

A letter from Charles Haddon Spurgeon, who had gone away to Mentone, France, to recover from sickness, to his congregation in London, the Metropolitan Tabernacle, written on February 7, 1886:

Dear Friends,

Revising this sermon (on Mark 8:19-21) reminds me of our happy Thursday evening gatherings. May I soon have the joy of ministering among you again, and marking your numerous attendances at the week-night services! May these ever be to us the happy evidences of the spiritual life of the church!

I have now been here for a week, and the sunshine and warmth are doing wonders for me. We are smitten down on a sudden, but we recover our lost strength slowly, and therefore I am still weak, but the pain is gone, and I can walk a little, for which I am joyfully grateful.

My heart is with the work at home. I am glad to hear that the Elders propose special services. Give them your utmost aid. Will any one member of the church hold back? Surely each one will be eager to make up for my lack of service by his own personal endeavor. I pray my Lord and God to send prosperity to this effort. By the love of Jesus, I plead with him to stir you all up, and through you to save sinners.

With all my heart, your loving minister,

C. H. Spurgeon.
Mentone, February 7th, 1886.

The Metropolitan Pulpit: Sermons Preached and Revised by C. H. Spurgeon During the Year 1885, Pilgrim Publication, volume 31, p. 84.

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