Monday, October 20, 2008

Is Jesus Increasingly Precious?

Ruth Bryan (1805-1860) wrote these words in a letter to a friend, August 27, 1850. She ministered too many people in the sweet, encouraging letters she wrote, always lifting up Christ. She was the daughter of a pastor in Nottingham, England.

Is Jesus increasingly precious, more than ever desirable? Is He, in your esteem, better than rubies, and all the things that may lawfully be desired not to be compared to Him? Is the Holy Spirit sharpening your appetite for this Bread of Life, so that with more ardent longings you are saying, "None but Jesus!" When He is in the right place, other things will be so; it is His rising in the soul that makes them sink to their proper level. And oh! He is so worthy, so suitable, so altogether lovely--we cannot prize Him too much, or hold Him too fast, or lean on Him too heavily. My highest praise of Him is far below His worth; but through rich grace, I, a vile sinner, have tasted and handled of this precious Word of life, and found such blessed benefit, such soul-invigoration, that I want to set others longing for these royal dainties!

Letters of Ruth Bryan, Reformation Heritage Books, reprinted 2005. Available online at

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