Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Power in the Pulpit

A selection from a letter that George Whitefield wrote to a pastor. Whitefield was in Scotland preaching the gospel, twice each day and sometimes even three or four times daily. He spoke of how the Lord had helped him in proclaiming the Word. The letter was written from Aberdeen on October 13, 1741.

This morning I felt his power in the pulpit, and now feel it much in my soul. O what a blessed thing it is, to have God’s spirit witness with our spirit, that we are God’s children! This, glory be to free grace! I have continually; and let me be in what frame soever, my soul is waiting for the coming of the Son of Man. Blessed be God, it will not be long ere I shall see him as he is. The sight I have of him by faith, ravishes my soul; how shall I be ravished when I see him face to face!

Letters of George Whitefield: For the Period 1734-1742, The Banner of Truth Trust, 1976, pp. 332-33, reprinted from The Works of George Whitefield, 1771.

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