Thursday, March 4, 2010

Walking by Faith

A selection from a letter by Mary Winslow (1774-1854) to a friend. She spoke of a minister who had many needs in providing for his family but who was trusting in the Lord. She then wrote about the importance of living by faith. Not date is given for the letter.

How good it is to walk by faith. I am certain it is the right road to glory; no other would do us equal good. Faith in Jesus brings us countless blessings to the soul, and glory to God the Father. No wonder, then, the Lord tries the little we have, that it may be increased, and that every other grace might grow in proportion. We never should value a throne of grace as we ought to do if our faith was not tried. Jesus is very precious, and I am most graciously permitted in His name to have free access to the heart of God, my Father and your Father.

Heaven Opened: A Selection from the Correspondence of Mrs. Mary Winslow, edited by her son, Octavius Winslow, 1864, reprinted by Reformation Heritage Books, 2001, pp. 290-91.

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