Friday, August 20, 2010

Seeing the World Right-Side-Up

A selection from a letter by Jack Miller, a church planter and seminary professor with the PCA, to a couple (Peter and Shelly) whose child had just been diagnosed with a progressive disease. Mr. Miller and his wife, Rose Marie, had been praying for them during this difficult trial. His letter is filled with encouragement more than counsel, with what the Lord had taught him, not advice on how to handle the situation. The letter was written in December, 1993.

Jesus, you turn my world upside down! When I submit to You, Lord, it suddenly occurs to me that I am seeing the world right-side-up. And somehow mysteriously the pain of not knowing what to do becomes the joy of the child of God. And I say, 'Ah Lord, if I don't have to be in charge anymore, then I can drop a lot of burdens. I don't need to worry, or plan, where planning makes no sense. I am free to sit at Your feet and to listen and be taught, and learn about Your plans.' At such times I often see new ways of doing things. The various things that Satan meant to use to destroy me become opportunities for serving Christ joyfully, boldly, and freely. Then my heart knows a peace and quietness. I find myself saying in spite myself, 'Your will, not mine, be done.' In your will I find perfect peace. What a mystery of grace!

The Heart of a Servant Leader: Letters from Jack Miller, C. John Miller, edited by Barbara Miller Juliani, Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, 2004, pp. 304-05.

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