Monday, September 27, 2010

Live and Learn

A portion of a letter from J. C. Philpot to his friend, Mr. Godwin. Philpot, a Strict Baptist pastor, was ill at the time and only able to preach once in the week. If he dared preach more he would risk damaging his health. In being laid low for awhile, he was able to learn some important lessons. The remarks here were written May 18, 1848.

We have to live and learn; sometimes more of ourselves, sometimes more of others. To be quiet and meek, to think little of ourselves, to prize grace in others, to think very highly of and to cleave close to the Lord Jesus for everything, is far better than striving who is to be greatest.

Letters by the Late Joseph Charles Philpot with a Brief Memoir of His Life and Labours, London, 1871, p. 211.

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