Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Fair Testimonial of My Lord Jesus

A selection from a letter by Samuel Rutherford to William Gordon. Rutherford was answering his letter, and as he so often did in correspondence, gave testimony to Christ's worth. He said, "It is my aim and hearty desire, that my furnace, which is of the Lord's kindling, may sparkle fire upon standers-by, to the warming of their hearts with God's love." He followed this with a "fair testimonial" of the Lord Jesus. The letter was written in 1637.

I should be a liar and false witness, if I would not give my Lord Jesus a fair testimonial with my whole soul. My word, I know, will not heighten Him; He needeth not such props under His feet to raise His glory high. But, oh that I could raise Him the height of heaven, and the breadth and length of ten heavens, in the estimation of all His young lovers! for we have all shapen Christ but too narrow and too short, and formed conceptions of His love, in our conceit, very unworthy of it. Oh that men were taken and catched with his beauty and fairness! they would give over playing with idols, in which there is not half room for the love of one soul to expatiate itself.

Letters of Samuel Rutherford, With a Sketch of His Life and Biographical Notices of His Correspondents, by the Rev. Andrew A. Bonar, first published in 1664, republished by The Banner of Truth Trust, 1984, pp. 399-400.

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