Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Cannot Hate Them In Return

A selection from a letter by Augustus Toplady to John Ryland, Jr. Toplady addressed the conflict he had with those of "Wesley's party," that is, the Arminians. He was greatly despised for his defense of Calvinism but sought to love those who differed with him, though he himself could be very sharp in disputation. The letter was written April 30, 1773.

The envy, malice, and fury of Wesley's party, are inconceivable. But, as violently as they hate me, I dare not, I cannot hate them in return. I have not so learned Christ.—They have my prayers and my best wishes, for their present and eternal salvation, But their errors have my opposition also: and this is the irremissible sin, which those red-hot bigots know not how to forgive.

The Works of Augustus Toplady, volume 6, London, reprint, p. 173.

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