Friday, January 4, 2008

Intensely Serious

Extract from a letter by Rev. William Still to his congregation, Gilcomston South Church of Scotland, May, 1954:

No one doubts that our Lord was intensely human, and had a glorious sense of humour, but it is largely concealed in the Word! And rightly so, for no one who has caught the heart-beat of the eternal God in the agony of Calvary and who is called to communicate the Word will have time or inclination to be any other than intensely serious. Paul and Peter frequently affirm that we must be sober-minded! Away then, with all this silly theatrical display of human personality in Christian work, and let us rather wait to weep than laugh. There is need of it today! And yet, the opposite of carnal frivolity is not always tears, but often radiance.

The Letters of William Still, Banner of Truth, 1984, pp. 49-50.

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