Friday, January 18, 2008

Plead For Me

From a letter by Rev. Henry Venn, to Mrs. Medhurst, informing her of his wife’s death, written on September 11, 1767:

Plead for me with our God and Saviour! He has made me very desolate; this day I am become a widower, and have lost as much as could be lost in the name of wife and mother. She testified how true the Lord, her strength, was; and spoke good of His name; and of her readiness and willingness to depart, having seen His great salvation… Jesus, hold me by thy right hand, till I reach the same blessed haven!

Letters of Henry Venn, by John Venn, first published in 1835, republished by the Banner of Truth, 1993, p. 137.

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Abigail said...

A sister-in-Christ who never married (but lived with and took care of her mother) wrote me a letter a few days ago about her mother who was a dear saint of God: "It is with regret that I have been unable to write to you sooner. . .due to Mother's declining health. Mother has entered into glory and her memorial service was December 15th. I rejoice that Mother is with Jesus, the One she loved and served during her life. I appreciate the fact that Mother was concerned about us children when we were very young, that we would, also, come to know and love Jesus. By God's grace, the three of us trusted Christ before we ever went to school." The prayers of the saints do follow them and what a wonderful example this woman was to her children. . .now following in her footsteps just as she followed her Master, the Lord Jesus Christ.