Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An Idol of Christ's Kisses

A selection from a letter by Samuel Rutherford, written from prison to John Stuart, in 1637. Mr. Rutherford expressed six burdens that he carried in his heart. The following is the last that he wrote.

Christ’s love hath pained me; for howbeit His presence hath shamed me, and drowned me in debt, yet He often goeth away when my love to Him is burning. He seemeth to look like a proud wooer, who will not look upon a poor match that is dying of love. I will not say He is lordly. But I know He is wise in hiding Himself from a child and a fool, who maketh an idol and a god of one of Christ’s kisses, which is idolatry. I fear that I adore His comforts more than Himself, and that I love the apples of life better than the tree of life.

Letters of Samuel Rutherford, With a Sketch of his Life and Biographical Notices of His Correspondents, by Andrew A. Bonar, first published in 1664, reprinted by the Banner of Truth, 1984, p. 303.

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