Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nobody Knows But Jesus

A selection from a letter by the beloved hymn writer, Francis Ridley Havergal, to a young correspondent who needed encouragement in the midst of a great trial. The letter was written in 1877.

I can most fully enter into your somewhat complicated trials. I will hand on to you what comforted me exceedingly a night or two ago, though not a text. It is the refrain of an old slave hymn, ‘Nobody knows but Jesus!’ Does it not draw one very near to feel that? Say that to yourself next time you feel troubled, and have no relief of telling it to a human ear. It is so sweet. Just a secret between one’s own sore heart and the dear Lord’s loving heart!

Another thought struck me for you as to the special trial you tell me of. ‘Consider Him, who endured such contradiction!’ [Hebrews 12:3]. There is a whole mine of cheer and help in that. And consider further—if it is a far keener trial to see—‘enduring’ it than if you only had it to bear. ‘Consider’ how God the Father for His great love wherewith He loved us, saw and endured all the contradiction of sinners to His dear Son, and let them go on contradicting and never interfered, and let Him endure it to the bitter end, all because He loved us, so He ‘spared not His own Son’ even in this.

Letters by the Late Frances Ridley Havergal, edited by her sister, Maria V. G. Havergal, first published in 1885, reprinted by Kessinger Publishing’s Legacy Reprints, p. 92.

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