Monday, January 18, 2010

Be a Consistent and Exemplary Christian

A selection from a letter by Rev. Daniel Baker to his former church in Washington, D. C. Baker pastored the Second Presbyterian Church for six years before being called to pastor a church in Savannah, Georgia. Soon after getting settled in Georgia, he wrote a letter to the congregation in Washington to tell them about his new sphere of ministry and to encourage them to go on for Christ. The letter was written May 13, 1828.

Dear brethren, let me beseech you once more, as I have often done before, to walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing; to live blamelessly and harmlessly as the children of God, without rebuke. O, it is a great matter to be a consistent and exemplary Christian! It pleases God, brings credit to religion, and peace and comfort to our own soul. The time is gone by for me, in any official capacity, to press these things upon you, for I am no longer you pastor; but, as an absent friend and Christian brother, I would call to remembrance the things which ye have heard.

Making Many Glad: The Life and Labours of Daniel Baker, prepared by his son, Rev. William M. Baker, first published in 1858, reprinted by the Banner of Truth Trust, 2000, pp. 118-19.

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