Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Only Hope

A portion of a letter written by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones to the Rev. Kenneth J. MacLeay, a minister in the Free Church of Scotland. He had just been ordained to the gospel ministry and was serving his first church. Lloyd-Jones spoke about the great need of Revival and urged him to be prayerful and patient. He also encouraged him to read the sermons of men blessed of God in revival. It should be noted that although he commended Charles Finney in his letter, Lloyd-Jones later dismissed the theology of Finney as Pelagian and rationalistic. Lloyd-Jones was a believer in revival but not an advocate of revivalism. The letter was written March 3, 1942.

I trust that you will be much blessed in your charge and in the work. The times are difficult and we must be patient. The only hope, I see more and more clearly, is a Revival. I feel we are all called to pray and to prepare for such a movement. Nothing can possibly deal with the terrible state of the country and of the world. In any case our business is to sow the seed in hope, knowing that God alone can give the increase. Do not allow the devil therefore to discourage you.

I find nothing so refreshing to my soul as to read the accounts of revivals in the past. It is good also to read sermons and other works by servants whom God has honoured as Spurgeon, Moody, Finney, etc.

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones Letters 1919-1981, Selected with Notes, by Ian H. Murray, Banner of Truth, 1994, pp. 63-64.

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