Thursday, February 11, 2010


An excerpt from a letter by Jack Miller, a church planter and seminary professor with the PCA, to a missionary couple who had begun ministry recently in Uganda. Because life is lived at a slower pace in Africa, he called on them to alter the tempo of their lives and learn lessons from God about delays. He encouraged them to slow down and love people. The letter was written in June, 1985.

Actually, delays are great because they often reveal the power of indwelling sin. We are flying high, then comes a postponement of our hopes, and we end up with an irritable spirit which shows an alarming degree of self-independence and reliance on human capacities. What we fail to see is that reliance on people, their capabilities, their keeping their promises, is a demonic faith, a cooperation in heart with the power of darkness. We join the enemy, Satan, when we fail to rely on the promises of God to move on our behalf. In brief, our impatience often has a Devilish, earthly side to it, which reveals that we have unconsciously forgotten that trusting Christ is more important than doing things for Christ.

I do not mean that we should be sluggish when God says, “March.” But all too often we march when He wants us to wait and rest, and then do not march when He calls us to go forward with power.

The Heart of a Servant Leader: Letters from Jack Miller, C. John Miller, edited by Barbara Miller Juliani, Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, 2004, p. 151.

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