Friday, November 26, 2010

Seek the Lord While Your Heart is Young and Tender

A selection from a letter by Ernie Reisinger to a grandson at Christmas. Mr. Reisinger was a faithful witness for Christ till the day he went home to glory. He longed to see sinners bowing the knee to Jesus Christ and confessing him as Lord and Savior. He especially desired to see his family members converted. So along with a gift certificate for Christmas, he urged one of his grandsons to be saved. The letter was written in December, 1979.

… We are enclosing a gift certificate for Christmas, and as we do, our thoughts turn to the real meaning of Christmas, that is, why Jesus came – 'To save his people from their sins,' and 'To seek and to save that which is lost.'

Our prayers for you this Christmas are that you would be seeking him as he is seeking you. We would encourage you and plead with you to seek the Lord while your heart is young and tender because if you delay, your heart will grow harder, and then, humanly speaking, it will be more difficult to be saved. God can and does save sinners at any age, but more often he seems to choose the time of youth. You will therefore understand our prayer for you at this season so that your young day will not pass over your head without you being saved, or that you will remember your misspent privileges if you are not saved at all…

Ernest C. Reisinger: A Biography, by Geoffrey Thomas, The Banner of Truth Trust, 2002, pp. 170-71.

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