Saturday, November 6, 2010

Solemn Visitations of Providence

A portion of a letter written by a soldier in the Southern army during the War Between the States (1861-1865) to the newspaper, The Southern Presbyterian. This soldier was part of the Sixth Regiment of South Carolina Volunteers and was stationed near Richmond, Virginia. He sent a report about the revival that was taking place among the soldiers.

I am happy to report to you the manifest tokens of the presence of the Spirit among us, even in these times of strife and battle. I do believe that these solemn visitations of Providence have been His chosen way of touching many a heart. There are earnest desires awakened in many a bosom, which I trust will lead them to the Cross.

Christ in the Camp, J. Williams Jones, first published in 1887, now published by Vision Forum, p. 274. This portion of the letter is quoted in an excellent article, "The Fruit of Revival," at Joel Taylor's blog, 5 Pt. Salt (

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