Friday, January 21, 2011

Doing Something for Our Lord

A portion of a letter by Henry Venn, Church of England minister, to his friend James Kershaw. Venn had much to say about Lady Huntingdon, a notable woman who used her wealth and influence for the gospel. In commending her as "a star of the first magnitude in the firmament of the Church," Mr. Venn encouraged his friend, and himself, to a life of service for Christ. The letter was written November 5, 1769.

Too apt are we to rest in life received, and not to be every day doing something for our Lord; either earnestly engaging in prayer, speaking affectionately to sinners, overcoming our selfish violent passions, or exercising mercy to our needy brethren; but it is by abounding in every good work, that our light shines before men, and we stand confessed the workmanship of God in Christ. I would urge the duty—and may God press it home effectually upon my own heart?—of "opening our mouths wide," to importune Him for the best gifts; and to live, in the sight of all around us, beyond dispute, zealous conscientious worshippers, and dear obedient children.

Letters of Henry Venn, by John Venn, first published in 1835, republished by the Banner of Truth, 1993, p. 158.

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