Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Want More Heart Religion

A portion of a letter by Samuel Pearce, pastor of Canon Street Baptist Church, Birmingham, England, to Mr. Steadman, a friend from college days at Bristol Baptist Academy. The letter illustrates some of the difficulties in preaching that every faithful pastor faces. It was written May 9, 1792.

In preaching, I have often peculiar liberty; at other times barren. I suppose my experience is like that of most of my brethren; but I am not weary of my work. I hope still that I am willing to spend and be spent, so that I may win souls to Christ, and finish my course with joy; but I want more heart religion; I want a more habitual sense of the divine presence; I want to walk with God as Enoch walked.

Memoirs of the late Rev. Samuel Pearce, A.M. with Extracts from Some of His Most Interesting Letters, compiled by Andrew Fuller, D.D., fifth American edition, Boston, 1828, pp. 11-12.

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Jon Cardwell said...

Thanks for posting this excerpt, Dean.

I know that I have had a desire for "heart religion" for many years, but I realize that I've had a more passionate desire for it the past few months, and it has been coming out in some of my messages.

It's encouraging to hear the same plea for more grace upon grace.

with love in Christ,

jon cardwell