Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Cannot Write Without Him

A selection from a letter by the beloved hymn writer, Francis Ridley Havergal, to a friend who had written to thank her for two of her hymns. The letter was written October 30, 1874.

What you tell me of the Lord setting His manifested seal upon two of my hymns, “O thou chosen Church of Jesus,” and Certainly I will be with thee,” made me feel very unworthy and very thankful, and (I cannot help saying it) sent a new thrill of love through my heart to Him who is so good to me. If you ever sing my hymns again, will you send up a prayer that I may more and more rejoice in the truths which they feebly represent; and, if it be our Master’s will, that He would give me yet many more powerful messages of song, for I cannot write without Him.

Letters by the Late Frances Ridley Havergal, edited by her sister, Maria V. G. Havergal, first published in 1885, reprinted by Kessinger Publishing, p. 218.

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