Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Little But Great Incident

A portion of a letter written to John A. Broadus from T. M. Matthews of Edom, Texas, expressing his appreciation for something he wrote in an “autograph book.” What Broadus wrote was instrumental in Matthew’s salvation. The letter was written May 22, 1883.

I’ve never seen you since 1853 in the pulpit of the church in Charlottesville [VA] when I heard you preach. But, John, you have been preaching to me through all these years. I’ll tell you how. You remember our “autograph books?” Well, of all the students I took mine to you first, that you might write in it the first. Do you remember? I reckon not, however, you wrote: en se hustereo [one thing you lack] (Mark 10:21), John Albert Broadus, University of Virginia.

That rang in my ears till I found “the pearl of great price,” the thing you knew I lacked. I’ve often thought of you since and never without recalling this little, but to me great, incident.

Life and Letters of John Albert Broadus, by Archibald Thomas Robertson, 1901, reprint by Gano Books, pp. 339-40.

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