Monday, August 11, 2008

A Great Desire

A selection from a letter by Jonathan Edwards to George Whitefield, requesting him to come and preach in Northampton. The letter was written on February 12, 1739 or 1740. Whitefield accepted the invitation and arrived in Northampton to preach the gospel on October 17, 1740. Great blessing attended the meeting.

My request to you is that, in your intended journey through New England the next summer, you would be pleased to visit Northampton. I hope it is not wholly from curiosity that I desire to see and hear you in this place; but I apprehend, from what I have heard, that you are one that has the blessing of heaven attending you wherever you go; and I have a great desire, if it may be the will of God, that such a blessing as attends your person and labors may descend on this town, and may enter mine own house, and that I may receive it in my own soul.

Jonathan Edwards: Letters and Personal Writings, edited by George S. Claghorn, vol. 16 in The Works of Jonathan Edwards, Yale University Press, 1998, p. 80.

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