Monday, September 29, 2008

Has God No Claims?

A selection from a letter by A. W. Pink to Mr. Harold Bradshaw of Norwich, England. I had the privilege of knowing Mr. Bradshaw’s son, Dudley, who is now with the Lord, and who was pastor of the Baptist Chapel in Brooke. Mr. Pink quoted a portion of his introduction to his book, The Sovereignty of God, in his letter to Mr. Bradshaw. Pink’s book was written while he was a resident of the United States. The letter was written sometime in 1943, when he lived on the Isle of Sky.

Probably 95% of the religious literature of the day is devoted to a setting forth of the duties and obligations of men. The fact is that those who undertake to expound the responsibility of men are the very ones who have lost the ‘balance of truth’ by ignoring very largely the Sovereignty of God. It is perfectly right to insist on the responsibility of man, but what of God?—has he no claims, no rights? A hundred such works as this are needed, and ten thousand sermons would have to be preached throughout the land on this subject, if the ‘balance of truth’ is to be regained… Surely there is far more danger of making too much of man and too little of God, than there is of making too much of God and too little of man.

The Life of Arthur W. Pink, revised and enlarged edition, by Ian Murray, The Banner of Truth, 2004, p. 233.

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