Monday, September 22, 2008

Which Church to Join

A portion of a letter by Rev. James Haldane to his son who had recently moved to London. He encouraged him to find the best church and to join it. The letter was written in 1822.

I should wish you to be connected with that Church in which most of the religion of Jesus was exemplified, where the deepest impressions of the value of your soul, and the importance of eternity, the riches of the love of God, the freeness of His salvation, and the glory and beauty of holiness should be maintained in your heart, where you would have fewest temptations to conformity to this present evil world, and where the doctrine you heard was most scriptural and impressive.

The Lives of Robert and James Haldane, by Alexander Haldane, first published in 1852, reprinted by The Banner of Truth, 1990, p. 379.

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