Monday, September 15, 2008

Pleasure in Reading the Bible

A selection of a letter by Rev. John Elias, written to his daughter, Phoebe. He always encouraged her in the things of the Lord in his letters. This letter was written on August 8, 1834:

I am moreover glad that you have pleasure in reading the Bible. It is the tree that sweetens, under God’s blessing, the bitter waters of Marah. The consolation had in the Scriptures, is far superior to any other; there is a well of joy that never fails like others. Strive to look up to Christ by perusing the Bible, in hearing sermons, and in prayer; and run, as the chief of sinners, to him.

John Elias: Life, Letters and Essays, by Edward Morgan, the Banner of Truth Trust, 1773, p. 201.


Gary Brady said...

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Dean Olive said...

Thanks for your kind comments, Gary. Trust all is well with you. Give my greetings to your famous father-in-law the next time you see him!