Monday, December 15, 2008

The Need for Real Unction

A selection from a letter by Thomas Chalmers to his friend, Charles Bridges, author and pastor in Suffolk, England. Chalmers was professor of divinity at the University of Edinburgh. He wanted for himself and for his students more than orthodoxy; he desired that they be energized by the Spirit for their Gospel labors. The letter was written January 2, 1834.

I deeply feel my need of effort and prayer, that my whole course may be more and more spiritualized, assured as I am of the possibility of delivering all the lessons of theology in the strictest form of sound words, and with the fullest adherence to the letter of the truth as it is in Jesus, while the real unction and vitality of the Gospel spirit may be altogether wanting.

Letters of Thomas Chalmers, edited by William Hanna, first published 1853, reprinted by The Banner of Truth, 2007, p. 324.

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