Wednesday, December 10, 2008

She Is Gone To Heaven

A selection from a letter by John A. Broadus to his wife, Maria, after the death of his beloved sister, Carry Whitescarver. He was grieved over her passing but thankful that she had lived an exemplary life and had gone to be with the Lord. The letter was written September 1, 1852.

May her holy life, and this her hopeful, happy death be the life and death of her so unworthy, yet so richly-blessed, ‘baby’ brother! Oh, that sister was dear to me, dearer than any knew, dearer than I knew myself, yet she is gone! But then, she is gone to heaven; and I can hope, humbly and trustingly, that by the grace of God I shall see my sister Carry again, and part from her no more. My dear Maria, be a Christian, with all your heart, now.

Life and Letters of John Albert Broadus, by Archibald Thomas Robertson, 1901, reprint by Gano Books, p. 100.

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