Friday, December 26, 2008

Such a Victory

A selection from a letter by Francis Ridley Havergal, the beloved hymn writer, to a clerical friend and his wife, written on Christmas day, 1873.

Several times lately I have felt literally overwhelmed and overpowered with the realization of God’s unspeakable goodness to me. I say it deliberately, and with thankfulness and joy for which I have no words; I have not a fear, or a doubt, or a care, or a shadow of a shadow upon the sunshine of my heart. Every day brings some quite new cause for praise; only today He has given me such a victory as I never had before, in a very strong temptation, lifted me above it in a way I never experienced yet. And I believe He will ‘keep’ me henceforth as I never before believed possible.

Letters by the Late Frances Ridley Havergal, edited by her sister, Maria V. G. Havergal, first published in 1885, reprinted by Kessinger Publishing, p. 139.

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