Friday, January 9, 2009

Do Not Forget Things Better

A portion of a letter from Rev. Joseph Kinghorn, pastor of St. Mary’s Baptist Church, Norwich, England, written to R. S. Foster, student at the University of Edinburgh. Mr. Foster had sent Rev. Kinghorn a letter about hearing Dr. Thomas Chalmers for the first time. After speaking highly of Dr. Chalmers in his reply, Kinghorn exhorted Foster not to forget the better things. The letter was written February 10, 1829.

And now, I hope you do not forget things better than any of the studies in which you are engaged at College. You know such things there are. Be all that attention and study can make you; but be the Christian, the man of God also. God grant us all more of that holy science, by which we may know Christ, and him crucified!

The Life and Works of Joseph Kinghorn, by Martin Hood Wilkin, reprinted by Particular Baptist Press, 1995, p. 426.

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