Monday, January 5, 2009

My Supreme Desire Now

A selection from a letter by Martyn Lloyd-Jones to his good friend, Dr. Philip Hughes. The two had corresponded with one another for over 40 years. After Mr. Hughes left England to teach at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, they maintained a close relationship. “The Doctor,” as he was affectionately called, wrote this letter five weeks prior to his passing into glory. The letter was written January 22, 1981; he died on March 1.

My health is still very much the same and I have not been able to preach or do anything else since the beginning of June. I thank God for all His bountiful goodness to me over the long years, and for all He has graciously allowed me and enabled me to do. My supreme desire now is to testify more than ever to the glory and wonder of His grace. I shall greatly value your prayers that I may be given strength to do so to His glory.

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones Letters 1919-1981, Selected with Notes, by Iain H. Murray, Banner of Truth, 1994, p. 232.

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