Friday, April 3, 2009

A Longing for Revival

A selection from a letter by Martyn Lloyd-Jones to his daughter, Elizabeth, and her husband, Fred Catherwood. They had been married only a month. It was his first letter to her as Mrs. Catherwood. “The Doctor,” as he was fondly called, often rehearsed sermons that he had recently preached in his letters to family members, as he does here. This letter was written March 29, 1954.

Last night I preached on Exodus 3:16. This is the last of a series of six sermons on that chapter. You Elizabeth heard the first the Sunday before the wedding. The theme last night was this: Why do people not experience and enjoy the great salvation which God has provided? The answer is that their attitude is wrong, as it was with Moses at first. The initial attitude is impersonal, detached, external. It is curious and speculative and analytical. But God addressed Moses and the latter’s attitude became entirely changed… I felt again that there was much conviction. But I long for the days when people will be broken down.

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones Letters 1919-1981, Selected with Notes, by Ian H. Murray, Banner of Truth, 1994, p. 116.

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