Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To See and Feel Your Need of a Precious Saviour

A selection from a letter by Mary Jones, wife of the Rev. Charles Colcock Jones. She wrote her son Charles about the death of a young man, George Helm. She used the opportunity to press on him his need for Christ. The letter was written on February 16, 1858.

Would that I could know how he died. I have often thought of his spiritual state. Did he return to the Ark of Safety? Had he an opportunity to seek his Saviour’s face? We may never know. Your father and myself gave him at parting a little token of our interest in his spiritual welfare. Why was he taken and you are left? God’s sovereignty has so ordained it, but for some wise design. My dear son, I pray the Lord to open your eyes and open your heart by this stroke to see and feel your need of a precious Saviour. Oh, to live without Christ and to die without Christ is to be lost forever! Poor, lost, and guilty as we are, we must have an Advocate with the Father—divine and all-sufficient Jesus Christ the Righteous!

The Children of Pride: A True Story of Georgia and the Civil War, edited by Robert Manson Myers, Yale University Press, 1972, p. 394. Iain Murray makes reference to this book of letters in a chapter on the Jones’s in his recent book, Heroes (published by The Banner of Truth Trust).

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