Monday, April 27, 2009

Apply to God

A selection from a letter that George Whitefield wrote to Benjamin Franklin, the famous American inventor and politician. Their friendship lasted over 30 years. On hearing of his death, Franklin said, “His integrity, disinterestedness and indefatigable zeal in prosecuting every good work, I have never seen equaled, I shall never see excelled” (George Whitefield, A. Dallimore, vol. 2, p. 453). Whitefield endeavored to lead Mr. Franklin to Christ in both conversation and correspondence, but did not see his desire fulfilled. The letter was written on November 26, 1740.

I do not despair of your seeing the reasonableness of Christianity. Apply to God; be willing to do the divine will, and you shall know it.

Letters of George Whitefield: For the Period 1734-1742, The Banner of Truth Trust, 1976, p. 226, reprinted from The Works of George Whitefield, 1771.

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