Friday, May 1, 2009

Loving His People

A selection from a letter by J. C. Philpot, the Strict and Particular Baptist pastor and editor of the Gospel Standard magazine, to a dear friend, Mr. Tanner. The letter was written February 16, 1865. He was writing about the importance of loving the brethren. He said, “Where love is deficient there is a sad want of every other Christian grace… It is sweet to feel it, and a misery to be plagued with its opposite.” He went on to add:

I have often thought that though there is in our day so much strife and division, yet there is a real and close union amongst the living family. How many kind affectionate friends has the Lord given to me; and my desire is to walk with them in union and communion, and, as far as I can, to avoid everything which may tend to separation. Next to loving the Lord and His truth is loving His people; and how sweet it is to feel the flowings forth of love and affection to the Lord’s people for His sake, and for the image of Christ which we see in them.

Letters and Memoir of Joseph Charles Philpot, first published in 1871, reprinted by Baker Book House, 1981, p. 422.

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