Thursday, June 18, 2009

Death to Me

A portion of a letter from James Renwick, a Covenanter known as the last Scottish martyr. He opposed the imposition of Episcopacy upon the Presbyterians and fought for Scottish liberty. This was his last letter, written on the day of his execution, February 17, 1688. It was written to his friend, Sir Robert Hamilton.

This being my last day upon earth, I thought it my duty to send you this my last salutation. The Lord hath been wonderfully gracious to me since I came to prison, He hath assured me of His salvation, helped me to give a testimony for Him, and own before His enemies all that I have taught, and strengthened me to resist and repel many temptations and assaults, O praise to His name…

But I must break off. I go to your God and my God. DEATH TO ME IS AS A BED TO THE WEARY. Now, be not anxious; the Lord will maintain His cause, and own His people. He will show His glory yet in Scotland…

The Life and Letters of James Renwick: The Last Scottish Martyr, by Rev. W. H. Carslaw, published by Solid Ground Christian Books, taken from the 1893 edition, pp. 264-65.

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