Wednesday, June 3, 2009


A selection from a letter to John A. Broadus by his friend, E. C. Dargan. Dargan edited Broadus’s classic Preparation and Delivery of Sermons, and was author of a two-volume work on The History of Preaching. His letter expressed appreciation for the influence Broadus had on many young scholars, himself included. The letter was written November 19, 1878.

Amid your difficulties and troubles, as I know you have many, it must ever be a source of comfort to you to know that you have helped many a man to be a Christian and a scholar. Your influence is deeply felt by all who ever came near enough to you to realize it’s worth—I see it in others, and I feel it in myself. May God bless you and spare you a long time to us yet.

Life and Letters of John Albert Broadus, by Archibald Thomas Robertson, 1901, reprint by Gano Books, p. 311.

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