Monday, June 1, 2009


A selection from a letter by Elizabeth Prentiss, hymn writer and author. She also encouraged many with her letters. Her brother once told her, “You excel anyone I know in the kind and gentle art of letter-writing.” This letter was written to a friend at a time when death had invaded her family. Her sister, Anna, had been taken in death and a niece was soon to be removed. The letter was written January 9, 1869.

One of the hard things about bereavement is the physical prostration and listlessness which make it next to impossible to pray, and quite impossible to feel the least interest in anything. We must bear this as a part of the pain, believing that it will not last forever, for nothing but God’s goodness does. How I wish you were near us, and that we could meet and talk and pray together over all that has saddened our lives, and made heaven such a blessed reality!

More Love to Thee: The Life and Letters of Elizabeth Prentiss, George Lewis Prentiss, reprinted by Solid Ground Christian Books, p. 263.

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