Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Patience of Suffering and the Patience of Waiting

A portion of a letter by the Anglican minister, Thomas Scott, to his Baptist friend, pastor John Ryland. The two had a cordial relation together. Rev. Scott followed with great interest the missionary labors of the Baptists, led by William Carey, which he mentions here. The missionary team sent out by the Baptist of England had not long been in India when Rev. Scott wrote this letter to Ryland. The letter was written December 23, 1794.

I rejoice to hear of the prospect that opens before your missionaries in Asia; yet, knowing something of human nature, I cannot but believe that it will rise violently against their message, when the Hindoos and others, generally understand the nature and tendency of it, and the humbling mortifying things it implies. Did I therefore correspond with the missionaries, I exhort them to pray without ceasing, not only for the patience of suffering, but also for the patience of waiting; in my idea, the most essential requisite for a modern missionary. I have, however, no doubt that the Lord will eventually bless the design; and I have the satisfaction to say, that even some of my acquaintance, who are not very favourable to dissenters, highly applaud it.

The Life, Letters, and Papers of the Late Rev. Thomas Scott D.D., to which is added The Force of Truth, by Rev. John Scott, New Haven Publishers, 1827, p. 373.

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