Monday, December 21, 2009

Cherishing the Elderly

A selection from a letter by Rev. Charles Colcock Jones, to his son, Charles. The father conveyed to the son the loss of a friend in death. The friend was an elderly black servant in another family. Rev. Jones had visited her several times in her illness and conducted her funeral. He reminded his son of the honor that should be given to the elderly. The letter was written July 30, 1858.

The death of old and valued members of our families and households creates losses that never can be repaired. We ought to cherish the spark of life in the aged to the last hour, and pay them every attention, and add all we can to their comfort and happiness. God’s command is: ‘Thou shalt rise up before the old and gray-headed.’ How comprehensive! How beautiful!

The Children of Pride: A True Story of Georgia and the Civil War, edited by Robert Manson Myers, Yale University Press, 1972, p. 433. Iain Murray makes reference to this book of letters in a chapter on Charles and Mary Colcock Jones in his excellent book, Heroes (published by The Banner of Truth Trust).

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