Thursday, December 31, 2009

Live Near to God

A selection from a letter by Andrew Fuller to a young man in prospect of his ordination to the gospel ministry. Fuller lamented the fact that he would not be able to attend the ordination but wrote some very valuable brotherly counsel to his young friend. The letter was written August 30, 1810.

If you would preserve spirituality, purity, peace, and good order in the church, you must live near to God yourself, and be diligent to feed the flock of God with evangelical truth. Without these nothing good will be done…

A young man, in your circumstances, will have an advantage in beginning a church on a small scale. It will be like cultivating a garden before you undertake a field. You may also form them in many respects to your own mind; but if your mind be not the mind of Christ, it will, after all, be of no use. Labour to form them after Christ’s mind, and you will find your own peace and happiness in it.

The Works of Andrew Fuller, edited by Andrew Gunton Fuller, first published in 1841, republished by The Banner of Truth Trust, 2007, p. 851.

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