Tuesday, July 5, 2011


A selection from a letter by George Whitefield to a friend who had taken a settled pastorate in London. Whitefield knew that God had called him to an itinerant ministry, at least for the present. He shares some of his reasons why and rejoices in the blessing of God on his labors. The letter was written July 13, 1741.

I have no freedom, but in going about to all denominations. I cannot join with any one, so as to be fixed in any particular place. Every one hath his proper gift. Field-preaching is my plan; in this I am carried as on eagles wings. God makes way for me every where. The work of the Lord increases. I am comforted night and day. O free grace to such an hell-deserving sinner!

Letters of George Whitefield for the Period 1734-1742, published by the Banner of Truth Trust, 1976, Letter [CCC], p. 277.

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