Friday, July 1, 2011

The Summit of Ambition

A selection from a letter by Andrew Fuller, to Mr. and Mrs. James Chater and Mr. and Mrs. William Robinson, who were following in the train of William Carey, off to do mission work in India. Fuller exhorted each couple regarding their relations to the unconverted, as man and wife, and in regards to one another. He also challenged them to "be very conversant with your Bibles" and to "often think of the dying love of Christ." But above all, he entreated them to focus on Christ. The letter was written April 5, 1806.

My dear Brethren, know nothing but 'Jesus Christ and him crucified' [1 Cor. 2:2]. Be this the summit of your ambition. For you to live must be Christ [Phil. 1:21]. You may never be of that literary consequence which some are; but if you possess a savour of Christ, you will be blessings in your generation; and when you die, your names will be precious, not only in India and Britain, but in the sight of the Lord.

The Armies of the Lamb: The Spirituality of Andrew Fuller, edited and introduced by Michael A. G. Haykin, Joshua Press, p. 209.

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