Saturday, June 14, 2008

Into The Heavenly City

A selection from a letter by Eliza McCoy, the niece of the beloved missionary to the American Indians, Isaac McCoy, after his death. She wrote to comfort Mrs. McCoy. The letter was written on June 9, 1846:

I have reflected much upon the infinite happiness with which his soul is now filled. By an eye of faith I have followed him to the heavenly city. At the entrance stood his parents, all of his brothers but one, with eleven of his children, to welcome him through the gates. Nor were these all; for near by there stood a group arrayed in robes of victory with harps of gold in their hands. And as they raised the notes of praise to their loftiest strain, they said, “We are those from the red man’s land, to whom you carried the news of salvation. We listened to your story of a Savior’s dying love; we believed, cast ourselves at the feet of that Savior, sought and obtained His mercy. We have, some of us, long since been called home. Now, with heavenly rapture, we hail you as you enter upon eternal rest from all your earthly toils.” But even this is not all. He was introduced into the very presence of the Savior in whose cause it was his meat and his drink to labor when on earth.

Isaac McCoy: Apostle of the Western Trail, by George M. Ella, Particular Baptist Press, 2002, pp. 555-56.

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