Monday, June 16, 2008

Plain Dealing

A selection from a letter by A. W. Pink to Harold J. Bradshaw of Norwich, England. Iain Murray says that the most remarkable correspondence of Pink that survives is the letters exchanged between Bradshaw and Pink. I have had the privilege of seeing these letters, having known Dudley Bradshaw, the son of Harold Bradshaw. Bradshaw grew up under hyper-Calvinistic teaching and struggled with assurance. Pink spoke plainly to him in an attempt to help him either to become a genuine believer or gain the certainty of salvation.

A postman may be gruff, even surly, but that is (relatively) a trifling matter if he hands you a valuable letter! I am an ‘earthen’ and not a golden vessel. I may not be as suave as you might wish, I may even appear harsh, but I hope you will not suffer such defects in your would-be physician to prejudice you against his treatment of your case. This is a day which calls for plain dealing, not Judas-like kisses.

The Life of Arthur W. Pink, by Iain H. Murray, revised and enlarged edition, The Banner of Truth Trust, 2004, p. 231.

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