Friday, July 18, 2008

All Are Warranted to Approach

An evangelistic letter from Thomas Chalmers to a friend whom he longed to see converted, written November 13, 1825:

My Very Dear Sir,

I have no peculiar mode of addressing the Gospel to any one class of human creatures. It is a wide and general proclamation of mercy to all, and whatever the age or condition of the sinner, still he is welcome to Christ; and coming unto Him he shall in no wise be cast out. All are warranted to approach, even with boldness, to that throne of grace where they shall receive both mercy to pardon and grace to help in every time of need.

It is a wonders plea that the Psalmist urges for pardon, “Pardon mine iniquity, for it is great.” That greatness of transgression, which would preclude the hope of forgiveness from an earthly superior whom we had offended, is the very argument which we are encouraged to make use of in praying for pardon from Him, whose thoughts are not as our thoughts, and whose ways are not as our ways. May you, my dear Sir, and all with whom you are connected, have great peace and joy in thus believing; and sure I am, that when Gospel peace enters, Gospel holiness will follow in its train. Have you read Romaine’s “Treatises on Faith?”—they are very precious.—Believe me, my dear Sir, yours truly,

Thomas Chalmers

Letters of Thomas Chalmers, edited by William Hanna, first published 1853, reprinted by The Banner of Truth, 2007, p. 298.

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