Sunday, July 13, 2008

What Is My Skin To His Glory!

A portion of a letter by Samuel Rutherford, to Alexander Henderson, written in exile from Aberdeen, Scotland, March 9, 1637:

I protest to you (my witness is in heaven) that I could wish many pound weights added to my cross, to know that by my sufferings Christ were set forward in his kingly office in this land. O what is my skin to his glory! Or my losses, or my sad heart, to the apple of the eye of our Lord and his beloved Spouse, his precious truth, his royal privileges, the glory of manifested justice in giving his foes a dash, the testimony of his faithful servants who do glorify him, when he rideth upon poor weak worms, and triumpheth in them! I desire you to pray that I may come out of this furnace with honesty, and that I may leave Christ’s truth no worse than I found it; and that this most honourable cause may neither be stained nor weakened.

Letters of Samuel Rutherford: A Selection, The Banner of Truth Trust, the first edition of letters was published in 1664, this selection was published in 1973, p. 62.

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