Monday, July 28, 2008

Supported in Times of Affliction

A selection from a letter by the Calvinistic Methodist preacher, Thomas Charles, to a friend who had suffered heavy affliction. He shares with her the blessing that an affliction was to him. The letter was probably written in 1812:

I rejoice that you are in some degree supported under your heavy affliction, and that your thoughts are directed to the Lord, with some degree of submission to his sovereign will, and of confidence in his goodness, care, and faithfulness. I can say that the heaviest affliction I ever met with was one of my greatest blessings. I refer you to three Scriptures which were peculiarly blessed to me at that time and often afterwards, to wit, Rom. viii.32; Heb. vi.17, 18; Isa. liv. 10. Supported by these strong, unshaken and immoveable pillars, it was easy for me to bear all.

Thomas Charles’ Spiritual Counsels: Selected from his Letters and Papers, by Edward Morgan, first published in 1836, reprinted by the Banner of Truth, 1993, p. 321.

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