Thursday, November 19, 2009

Will Not Some of You Give Yourselves?

A selection from a letter by Margaret Paton, wife of missionary John Paton, to children in Scotland who had given offerings for their work. Their gifts help pay for a ship called Dayspring, which brought letters and supplies to the missionaries and took them to Australia for special needs. She thanked the children for their financial help and called on some of them to consider coming someday as missionaries. The letter was written in July, 1871.

I have told you a little of what the Dayspring does for the missionaries; but just think of what it has done for the Heathen, by bringing these missionaries to them. I have not time to dwell on this; but there will be ages and ages in eternity for these redeemed Ethiopians to show forth their praise and gratitude to God for sending us to tell them of Him who died for them.

Remember, however, that it is the missionary, and not the mission ship, that brings souls to the Saviour; for important as the Dayspring is, and it is of vital importance, it cannot make known to a single individual the way of salvation through Christ. We must have missionaries, who will go and live among the ‘Darkies,’ learn their language, teach them to read, and show them what it is to live as Christians.

Will not some of you, who have done so well in giving your money to the mission, do infinitely better by giving yourselves some day?

Margaret Paton: Letters from the South Seas, first published in 1894 as Letters and Sketches from the New Hebrides, published by The Banner of Truth Trust in 2003, p. 80.

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